Your body aesthetics plus our comfortable attire makes the brand. It’s all about being fashionable, attractive and still feel very free & comfortable with your movements.

Our office is also where we produce the clothes, so the quality of our pieces is controlled at every stage, from design process to the last seal. All textile is made in Italy.

We don’t do mass production: we believe in the quality of our garments and sustainability. That is why we don’t keep big stock and often sew on demand. Building a brand with a more conscious approach is what we want.

Most of the clothes we produce are made on demand. This helps us to prevent the overuse of fabrics. But we are also really fast! After the order, allow us 2-4 working days to get your pieces sewed before the delivery.

CULTNKD Team is young, driven, hard-working and keen to the details. This makes the brand very “hand-crafted”. We want to feel good about the work we do each day & to reflect our values: quality being combined with comfort & femininity.

The brand is all about the modern ways of doing fashion. CULTNKD doesn’t have a traditional, seasonal approach; our themed drops are being released a few times a year.